Conch Records of The Florida Keys

next up is the Production of the movie

“The Making of a Florida Keys Band”

Michael Allman & ‘The Florida Keys Allman Brothers Tribute Band’

Co-Starring Florida Keys Musicians (in order of appearance) :
Ray West, Vince Bergamo, Bob Tucker, Bjarne Jannik Kjaer, Daniel Clark, Myles Mancuso, Ric Arra, Lady A, Doug Allen, Michael V, John Bartus, Jeff Dalton, Walter Yarborough, Wayne Sorbelli, David Warren, Carter Moore, Kari Daley & Dan Harvey.

Appearances by:
Many other Florida Keys Musicians, Venues they play at, and Attractions found in The Florida Keys.

There are a few hundred local businesses, organizations, and individuals who will be listed on the credits in the movie.

Scheduled to be released in the summer of 2021  
Movie to premier at The Marathon Community Cinema.

Michael Allman comes to the Keys to record a performance with The Florida Keys Allman Brothers Tribute Band at The Florida Keys Country Club, currently being engineered for multiple cameras indoors and outdoors.

The story follows Michael as he seeks out The Florida Keys Allman Brothers Tribute Band.

Filming of the movie has started.  The final location of the movie will be at The Florida Keys Country Club, when on April 11, 2021 there will be recordings in a dinner show atmosphere of Michael Allman & The Florida Keys Allman Brothers Tribute Band, and other opening bands listed below.

Local businesses are the investors in the production of the movie.  It is the investors of the movie who make it possible for this to take place.


The movie ends with Performance Recordings at The Florida Keys Country Club on April 11, 2021

The performance recordings will only be open to ‘major investors’ of the movie,
although some parts will be broadcast live.

1pm to 1:45
Pink Floyd Tribute by John Bartus featuring songs from ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and ‘The Wall’.

2:30pm to 3:15
Eric Clapton Tribute put together by Ric Arra.

4pm to 4:20
In a Godda da Vida performed by The Florida Keys Iron Butterfly Tribute band, put together by Ray West.

5pm to 5:45
The Florida Keys Led Zeppelin Tribute Band put together by Wayne Sorbelli (Island Guitar)

6pm thru 6:45
(dinner is served)

Michael Allman and The Florida Keys Allman Brothers Tribute Band.

Finale with all musicians from the day singing “Can’t You See” with Michael.