The line up for the Conch Records Music Video Fest (subject to change):

Friday   January 3, 2020

5:00 PM    Opening Ceremonies w/American Legion Color Guard
JR Jones, US Navy Veteran and member of the Color Guard to sing The National Anthem
5:40 PM    Billy Brown Band
6:00 PM    Ukuleles in Paradise with Bobby Howard, Jim McCabe, & Brother Randy
6:40 PM    Marian Joy Ring
7:00 PM    Rachel Grace
7:40 PM    Mike Bailey
8:00 PM    Moose & the Bulletproof Blues Band w/John Cosgrove, Rick Arra, Doug Allen, & Alan Crawford
8:40 PM    Lower Keys Rock “n” Reggae Band
9:00 PM    The Ray West Band with Randy Stindt
9:40 PM    Special Appearance
10:00 PM  Simply 7

Saturday   January 4, 2020

11:00 AM   Rita B. Band with Rita, Tony Napoli, Doug Allen, Mike V, Glenn Taylor
11:40 AM   Dan Sullivan
12:00 PM   Cat 4 Band with Jon North, Randy Perry, Glenn Taylor
12:40 PM   Terry Cassidy & Gary Hempsey
1:00 PM     Luke Sommer Glenn Band
1:40 PM     Dave Feder
2:00 PM     The Stone Crabs with Kenny Fairbrother, Mike Horvat, & Tony Napoli
2:40 PM     Bill Todd recording “Captain and Commander”
3:00 PM     Glenn Harman Band with Bob Jaeger, Tony Napoli, & Luke Ptomey
3:40 PM     John Bartus
4:00 PM     Pasta and The Lower Mat Cats with Steve Miller and Leah Sutten
4:40 PM     The Pine Billies with Mac Childress
5:00 PM     The Tim D Band with Jim Hill, Doug Allen, & Tony Napoli
5:40 PM     The Shanty Hounds with Dani Hoy, Chris Rehm, Bob Tucker, & John Sausser
6:00 PM     Jersey Slim Band with John Cosgrove, Bob Jaeger, & John Sausser
6:40 PM     Michael Oben’s Rock & Soul Band
7:00 PM     Radio Ghost with Steve Miller, Rick Chesler, & Vinny Beard
7:40 PM     The Tim Marshall Curtis Band
8:00 PM     The Adrienne Z Band with Rick Cleaver, Chris B, & Gregg Shanle
8:40 PM     The Moon Dogs with Paul Kercher, Tucker Phinney, Marsha Fletcher, & Chris Mink
9:00 PM     The Steve Venini Band with Dave Bowman, Jeremy, & Chris Lute
9:40 PM     The Cultivation Reggae Band
10:00 PM   Fiddle Rock with Brother Randy Barnett, Steve Hall, & Doug Allen

Sunday   January 5, 2020

11:00 AM   Keys Community Concert Band
11:40 AM   Jennifer Newman & Mike Mitzer
12:00 PM   The Ty Thurman Band w/ Bob Jaeger, Ric Arra, & John Sausser
12:40 PM   Joe Mama
1:00 PM     Four Sheets to the Wind Donnie McDaniel, Tony Palmer, Dan & Penny Newhall
1:40 PM     Michael J  w/ Mona Bailey
2:00 PM     Usual Suspects with Allan Truesdell
2:40 PM     Marc Davis solo on the keyboard
3:00 PM     Lady A Band with Agnes, Ric Arra, Doug Allen, & John Sausser
3:40 PM     Shana Gaskill on cello accompanied by violinist
4:00 PM     The Maasai Reggae Band with Walter Yarbrough, & Marc Davis