This was the lineup for the 2020 Conch Records Music Video Fest put on at The Marathon Community Park during the first weekend of January, 2020. Below the lineup are their bios. You can watch the videos produced from that weekend by going to the Home page of this website

Friday   January 3, 2020

4 – 5pm Linda Lee Byars entertains on her keyboard while fans arrive.
5:00 PM    Opening Ceremonies w/American Legion Color Guard
JR Jones, US Navy Veteran and member of the Color Guard to sing The National Anthem
5:40 PM    Billy Brown Band
6:00 PM    Ukuleles in Paradise with Bobby Howard, Jim McCabe, & Brother Randy
6:40 PM    Marian Joy Ring
7:00 PM    Rachel Grace
7:40 PM    Mike Bailey
8:00 PM    Moose & the Bulletproof Blues Band w/John Cosgrove, Rick Arra, Doug Allen, & Alan Crawford
8:40 PM    Lower Keys Rock “n” Reggae Band
9:00 PM    The Ray West Band with Randy Stindt
9:40 PM    Kim Jade & The Good Thing
10:00 PM  Simply 7

Saturday   January 4, 2020

11:00 AM   Rita B. Band with Rita, Tony Napoli, Doug Allen, Mike V, Glenn Taylor
11:40 AM   Dan Sullivan
12:00 PM   Cat 4 Band with Jon North, Randy Perry, Glenn Taylor
12:40 PM   Terry Cassidy & Gary Hempsey
1:00 PM     Luke Sommer Glenn Band
1:40 PM     Dave Feder
2:00 PM     The Stone Crabs with Kenny Fairbrother, Mike Horvat, & Tony Napoli
2:40 PM     Bill Todd recording “Captain and Commander”
3:00 PM     Glenn Harman Band with Bob Jaeger, Tony Napoli, & Luke Ptomey
3:40 PM     John Bartus
4:00 PM     Christian Davis
4:40 PM     The Pine Billies with Mac Childress
5:00 PM     The Tim D Band with Jim Hill, Doug Allen, & Tony Napoli
5:40 PM     Micah James Gardner
6:00 PM     Jersey Slim Band with John Cosgrove, Bob Jaeger, & John Sausser
6:40 PM     Michael Oben’s Rock & Soul Band
7:00 PM     Radio Ghost with Steve Miller, Rick Chesler, & Vinny Beard
7:40 PM     The Tim Marshall Curtis Band
8:00 PM     The Adrienne Z Band with Rick Cleaver, Chris B, & Gregg Shanle
8:40 PM     The Moon Dogs with Paul Kercher, Tucker Phinney, Marsha Fletcher, & Chris Mink
9:00 PM     The Steve Venini Band with Dave Bowman, Jeremy, & Chris Lute
9:40 PM     The Cultivation Reggae Band
10:00 PM   Fiddle Rock with Brother Randy Barnett, Steve Hall, & Doug Allen

Sunday   January 5, 2020

11:00 AM   Keys Community Concert Band
11:40 AM   Jennifer Newman & Mike Mitzer
12:00 PM   The Ty Thurman Band w/ Bob Jaeger, Ric Arra, & John Sausser
12:40 PM   Joe Mama
1:00 PM     Four Sheets to the Wind Donnie McDaniel, Tony Palmer, Dan & Penny Newhall
1:40 PM     Michael J  w/ Mona Bailey
2:00 PM     Usual Suspects with Allan Truesdell
2:40 PM     Marc Davis, Christian Davis, Vincent Fox
3:00 PM     Lady A Band with Agnes, Ric Arra, Doug Allen, & John Sausser
3:40 PM     Shana Gaskill on cello accompanied by violinist
4:00 PM     The Maasai Reggae Band with Walter Yarbrough, & Marc Davis

Here’s a little write up on each Act who performed:

Opening Ceremonies w/American Legion Color Guard with the National Anthem being song by Navy veteran JR Jones.

The Billy Brown Band has been rocking Florida and beyond for years playing timeless music, with a powerful, soulful tone. Blues, classic rock, country and southern rock that is second to none. Singing his heart out for your enjoyment is his passion. Voted #1 band in the keys for 2 years.

Ukuleles in Paradise – Bobby Howard started playing the ukulele 7 years ago at the Green Parrot with Jeff Clark Bob Paul and others in their jam.
He got Jim Mc cable interested in the ukulele 6 years ago and started Coconuts ukulele association. Steve Miller joined the group 5 years ago as a bass player and Alan Crawford about 3 years ago as a drummer. The group has been playing up and down the keys together 6 years.
Teaching the ukulele to whoever is interested in learning the ukulele.

Marian Joy Ring is a singer / songwriter who writes songs rich with texture and imagery multi-layered with descriptions of places, people and emotions. Her music, full of life and energy is sung in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. Known for her outstanding vocal versatility and unique guitar stylings (originals and covers) she performs extensively internationally and in the US and lives in the Florida Keys. She is recording her sixth release of original music on her label Black Dog Records.

Marian grew up on Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Phoebe Snow and then spent eight years traveling around Latin America. Her style reflects her early influences and filters them through a Brazilian lens creating her very own brand of jazzy folk with a Latin flair.

The original song that she has chosen to video is called Plenty of Fish and tells the true story of a Dutch woman (and her two black dogs) who came to live with Marian (and her three black dogs). It’s an upbeat song that narrates the major shifts we make in our lives and how easy they become when we approach these changes with friendship and humor.

Rachel Grace is a redheaded Blues player on a three-string cigar box guitar! She is that and so much more!

A twenty-year resident of the Florida Keys, Rachel Grace is a force to be reckoned with. She stormed upon the scene in 2017 at the age of 40 after leaving a secure career in education to pursue her real calling to “bring back the Blues the way they were meant to be”. This sultry songstress doesn’t just sing: she performs! Her provocatively high energy on the cigar box guitar coupled with powerhouse vocals will make you want more of that greasy, swampy stuff she will so generously pour all over you.

Recently featured at the Wonderful Night of Blues at the Key West Theater, Rachel’s influences include Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, the three Kings (Albert, BB & Freddie), Van Morrison, Buddy Guy, Susan Tedeschi and Bonnie Raitt.

Her upcoming album, “Right Kind of Complicated”, due for release in May 2020, is a perfect balance of rockin’ Blues and inspiration.

Mike Bailey has been playing, and writing, for over 50 years. Growing up in a musical family made for a great soundtrack. A father that played boogie and listened to opera and a mother who liked the Kingston Trio lay the foundation for an open mind. The covers that he performs includes everything from Woody Guthrie thru Wilco, The Cure and Casey Musgraves. Mike has had the opportunity to live in some fantastic places (from Maui to the Jersey Shore, Northern California to Key West), have some interesting careers, and be a part of some great local bands.

Mike finds an unexpected pleasure of living in the Florida Keys, and the great venues for solo artists to perform, and is thrilled for the support and camaraderie the local music community provides. It is a marvelous environment to create and he enjoys taking the new songs out for a test drive. He currently has one recording, Here on a Dare, and another one in the post production process

Moose and the Bulletproof Blues Band – Moose is a veteran blues singer, writer and musician. He has played and recorded throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe with such legendary performers as Lou Reed, Greg Allman, Stevie Ray Vaughn, David Bowie, Buddy Miles, James Cotton, Lonnie Brooks, Junior Wells, C. J. Chenier, John Belushi, Steve Marriott, and Steve Miller.

Moose is of African-American, Native American (Choctaw and Cherokee), Cajun, and Georgia redneck descent – but we in the Keys know him to be a very talented Blues man. He discovered his love for music, specifically the blues, as a young boy. He sang in church choirs at age seven. He got his first taste of the blues from his father, a guitarist and song writer who had jammed with Muddy Waters.

Lower Keys Rock ‘n Reggae Band – All the members are Lower Keys residents, from Big Pine Key to Key West. They play all original “Tropical Rock” & Caribbean Style Music
The song that will be featured on the video is called, “Caribbean Girl”. It was written as a group effort by the band and reflects the rhythm and personality of Caribbean Girls.
Lower Keys Rock And Reggae Band Members
CapT. A – Keyboards/Guitar/Vocals
Claude Moreau – Lead Guitar
Bill Sutton – Bass
John Sausser – Drums
Bonnie Briscoe – Vocals/ Percussion
Robert “Roberto” Ruscitto – Guitar/Keyboards/Harmonica/Vocals

Windpower – A crafty group of local musicians including Rick Fusco, Vince Bergamo, Henry Lysy, Randy Stintd, and Ray West together form Windpower – a tribute to Jethro Tull. With an all Jethro Tull repertoire they are sure to have something for everyone who loves the music of Ian Anderson and the boys.

Simply 7 – It all started when two musicians talking in a parking lot had the same idea for a new band. We wondered if we could create a band where everyone doesn’t rely on music for their income and only wanted to play for the love of the music, one gig a month and to do festivals and benefits. One call led to another and then that musician led to another. Everyone was on board with the idea and had the same vision for a band. We have musicians that have played in multiple bands in the keys and others that have never played here. Everyone was on the same page. We had our first practice with songs we texted back and forth that we agreed on. When we got together we knew the chemistry was there. Everything was relaxed and productive. The song list has changed multiple times but everyone in the band has equal input to the direction of the band. We’ve learned a lot about and from each other and have become good friends; kind of a musical family. Coming up with a name for the band wasn’t easy and after many great ideas and hundreds of group texts (ugh) a short notice commitment gave us the nudge we needed. We would like to introduce you to; Cathy Scholttman, Chris Mincarelli, Darin Bjornson, Derek Chittenden, Kenny James, Mark Peterson and Zhan, a power packed, enthusiastic, high energy band called Simply 7.

The Rita B. Band is the musical compilation of singer/songwriter Rita B. and the members of “Those guys”-The Hurricane’s Wednesday Nite Jam Band-Tony Napoli on lead guitar and band lead-Glenn Taylor on drums- Doug Allen on bass-and Michael V. on keys.

Each member of “those guys” are accomplished musicians who you may have seen in other bands and musical endeavors here in the keys and who…being “those guys”…will be stepping up to support Rita B. As she touches on various genres of music including country, bonnie raitt blues, and some old-and new- rock and roll…Sprinkled with a few originals and
All rolled together for a one of a kind performance.

Dan Sullivan has over 25 years of experience entertaining audiences from Alaska to the Florida Keys. Dan got his first guitar at 9 yrs old, but didn’t get serious till the fall of ’89 when he released the single “Generations”. Dan says that he has been very blessed being able to make a living doing what he loves!

The Cat 4 Band doesn’t what to let the grey hair fool you. This band can really rock!
They are a well established local musicians playing rock n roll music; ranging from Pink Floyd to Matchbox 20 with ZZ Top thrown in!
The band consists of: Jon North, Vocals and Guitar, Randy Perry, Vocals and Bass guitar, Glenn Taylor Drum’s and James Stoffo keyboards.
Jon and Randy have been playing together for almost 30 years locally, and Glenn joined a couple of years ago after hearing them at Wetstock. After hearing James play at a party the band brought him on board as well. He is very busy running wireless sound for the CMAs, Latin Grammys, Rose Bowl, and other popular venues . . . but he plays when he can. The Cat 4 Band plays for the love of music and sharing that love with local folks.

Terry Cassidy & Gary Hempsey are a very unlikely duo. A mix of the American songbook.
Terry brings a mix of eclectic and improvisation originals, and Gary with original music as well makes this duo work so well.
They have been together for 9 years and have blended their styles effortlessly. Their music is very easy to listen to as quite versatile.
From Glenn Campbell to Pink Floyd in the cover department along with memorable originals they are a local Keys favorite.

Luke Sommer Glenn Band The Luke Sommer Glenn Band mainly plays venues in Key Largo, but they’re excited to rock the stage in Marathon at The Fest!

Dave Feder has a magic way of making you feel like an old friend with songs that are original and intimate. He is a master guitarist who plays his own intricate Flamenco influences finger-style music with laid back island feel.” – NPR

Internationally acclaimed Guitarist-Composer David Feder has carved out a niche of his own, playing a signature blend of Flamenco-infused Folk music. His laid back style easily disguises the complexity of his blazingly deft finger picking. Three decades of island living in the Florida Keys has influenced Feder’s breezy, approachable, and sophisticated music. His musicianship incorporates miles of style, (savvy yet innocent, intelligent yet accessible) woven into a personal journey telling stories about life through the strings of his guitar. Feder has been praised by NPR’s All Songs Considered, World Café Live, PBS Art Loft, NPR’s Folk & Acoustic Music, the Miami Herald, and Time Out magazine among others. Feder spent six weeks at the top of the Broadjam World Music Chart with his critically acclaimed album “Black Emerald” and has been featured on All My Children (ABC), Art Loft (PBS), the NBC Good Morning show, National Park Service Educational Videos, and Florida Everglades Documentaries.

The Stone Crabs are a true bunch of Keysie guys that have been making music together since the early days of 2008. Based in Marathon, they cut their teeth with a Sunday night residency at JJ’s Doghouse where they played in the corner under the dartboards and have gone on to play dozens of venues throughout the Keys. Lead singer and acoustic guitar slinger, Ken Fairbrother, loves to fish and is a master baiter, and along with electric guitarist/vocalist Tony Napoli, they create a 2 headed attack that could subdue The Kraken or foul your prop. Mike Corvette, bass aficionado, and percussionist/firefighter Luke Ptomey, round out this line up of regular guys just trying to have a good time while making some music that they hope makes you want to take your shirt off.

Bill Todd over a lifetime has developed a style of his own and brings with it Caribbean, Jazz, Cuban with an Old School Folk Rock Soul. His voice is a rich blend of Rugged Americana, the Whisper of Jazz Samba preformed by a Singer-Songwriter Artist informed by 20 years and LA and Nashville music scenes. A Floridian, with deep roots in the Upper Keys, Bill is also a USCG Master Capt. and a Professional Sailor. Musically, Bill can be found frequently performing his originals and versions of favorites at concerts and popular local Florida Keys venues.

Glenn Harman Band – Born with an extra chromosome and originally institutionalized, I was able to
Overcome these obstacles through the use of biofeedback and dianetics. At the age of seven I had hemorrhagic fever and when I awoke from a 3-day coma I could play guitar and sing. After a stint with a small circus troupe as a Barker I co-founded an organic ant farm to supply ants for Uncle Milton’s Ant Farms.
I choose the songs I play based on the colors and flavors that I’ve experienced the day before. I have performed under many names, including and not limited, to Dirty Hoodie, Snuggle Bunny III, Newt the Red Poker, Grand Master G-fizz and Shakezulla the Mic ruler. The balance of the band prefers to remain anonymous due to legal and moral issues.

John Bartus, singer / songwriter / local politician.
Very few towns or cities could ever claim that their Mayor was a smokin’ hot guitar player. The island city of Marathon in the Florida Keys is one of those towns. While politics is a temporary call to service, music is a life sentence. John Bartus, a full-time professional musician, singer, and songwriter for nearly 40 years, continues to raise the bar with both his groundbreaking solo acoustic show and his killer band.
John’s songs cover a wide spectrum of topics – there are love songs, love-gone-wrong songs, and story songs about characters like the fun-loving Joe from “Vegas Town,” the Drifter from “Hit the Road Again,” the smuggler who ran out of luck from “Kiss Your Life Goodbye,” the dancer from “The Way It’s Meant to Be,” and the follower of visions from “Velvet Elvis.”
There are songs about dealing with life (“Victim of Gravity”) and death (“Goodbye”). There is the tribute to the Apollo I, Challenger, and Columbia astronauts as well as John’s father, a Saturn IB launch team engineer (“Dawn’s Early Light”). And there are the Tropical Americana songs – “Palm Trees in Paradise,” “Captain of His Own Destiny,” “The Islands of Marathon” – that show the influence of living in a tropical island town for more than 35 years.
Rag Magazine wrote in an album review, “John Bartus could well be a force to be recorded with, in the very near future. The song, ‘Velvet Elvis,’ is reminiscent of the soft sarcastic style of Warren Zevon: a man, eating donuts in the Black Lung Cafe, receives a vision from ‘The King’ through a velvet Elvis hanging on a wall, and is inspired to go to Graceland to steal one for his own, even though it means jail time. The remainder of the CD is done in the story song style of Joshua Kadison with the Florida themes of Jimmy Buffett. A pure storyteller in a minstrel’s soul, Bartus’ voice is crisp and clear, and the music is easy to enjoy.”
John’s most recent CD releases are the Keys Disease 10th Anniversary Remaster, and Live From the Florida Keys Vol. 2. A new studio CD, Time & Tide, will be released in 2020, helping celebrate the more than 40 years of John’s musical career.
John performs more than 200 shows a year throughout the Florida Keys. He calls these shows, many of them regular recurring dates, his Perpetual Island Tour. His solo acoustic shows are never-planned-in-advance journeys into creative live looping.
You might have to subject yourself to a tropical island getaway in order to see John Bartus live – after three years on the road in the early 1980s, he figured out to stay in one place and let the listeners come to him. You’ll also have to put up with fishing, diving, beaching, fun in the sun, the world’s best seafood, and a tropical cocktail now and then… but the music is worth it!

Christian Davis

The Pine Billies have been playing music together for 3 years. What originated as a “jam session” a few times per year in has become playing some of the coolest gigs in the Keys. The Pinebillies have played at The Overseas, Sparky’s Landing, and the Square Grouper to name a few. The members include: Kenny Blackburn (vocals/guitar), Mac Childress (drums/vocals/ guitar), Jon Richard (bass/guitar), and Van Fisher (harmonica). Their music is a combination of original music and a wide array of covers. The Pinbillies are all about having great fun and making great music together!

Tim Dee Band – Marathon’s Premier Trop Rock Band featuring original Florida Keys songs as well as classic rock covers.

Micah James Gardner Micah has made the beautiful, exotic, and mysterious islands of the Keys his musical, spiritual, and lifestyle home for years, and through his signature style of songs called “Islandgrass” Gardner is spreading his own joy and passion for the Florida Keys to fans nationwide.
“My philosophy is that if people can’t come to the Keys,” Gardner has written, “I will bring a little of the Tropics to them.”

Jersey Slim is a blues vocalist, blues harmonica musician and song writer. I’ve been playing blues for over 30 years, and in 2012 was inducted into the blues hall of fame. I have performed at all the major blues clubs in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Orleans, and am currently performing at venues in the Florida Keys.

Michael Oben “Michael’s Rock n’ Soul Band features lifetime rocker and crooner, Michael Oben, on lead vocals and keyboard. The band’s feel good vibes and awesome set list will keep you smiling and dancing, with Motown classics, Old Time Rock ‘n Roll, Classic and Southern rock, Stones, Beatles, and plenty of nostalgic love ballads, too. Michael also performs solo, with a wide-ranging repertoire covering 60 years of music, and the genuine, melodic voice to deliver such a vast treasure of songs. The full band also features Paul Kercher on lead guitar and vocals, Bob Jaeger on bass, and Glenn Taylor on drums. If you think fun is the best thing to have, then come get an invigorating dose of it with Michael’s Rock ‘n Soul band!”

Radio Ghost, a band project culminating from our years of jamming together in Florida Keys events & venue’s. Our Debut at HeartBreakers Brewhouse on 6-15-2019 was a wonderful evening with friends and local patrons. And our first appearance as: The Band RadioGhost.

Tim Marshall Curtis Band – Marshall Curtis and Trinity are a father/daughter duo that have been performing in ticketed theater shows along with occasional festivals like the Nicky Sorbelli Paddleboard Celebration and the Key West Musician’s festival. The song they will be recording is an epic rhapsody called “Sail Away with the Velvet Rainbow Dancer”. It’s a seven plus minute tune composed of five separate movements stitched together into a seamless arrangement. “I wrote the song for a female voice many years before my daughter born. I never thought for a minute that one day she would be the one to bring it to life”. Two other songs that they will be performing are “Wading” from Curtis’ debut album “The Legends of Captain Pyrite” and “She Moves” from his solo album “The Redemption of Captain Pyrite”. Both albums are available for digital download on all the usuall formats.

Although the 14 year old Trinity grew up in the Hip-Hop generation her music is influenced by the world around her and in particular, darker subjects like injustice and mortality. Her favorite artists are Travis Scott and Panic at the Disco.

Tim Marshall Curtis is a metalhead from the beginning. His sound is the perfect combination of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple all wrapped into one loud, hard, and heavy vision of beauty and his guitar solos are always improvised. His personal heroes have always been guitar players but he identifies most with composers. He believes the most important thing is the strength of the song.

Adrienne Z – Compared to singers like Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, and Stevie Nicks, Adrienne’s voice is pure emotion, stylistically elegant, soulful, and ethereal. Her 2015 release and 4th solo CD, Chameleons, is enjoying airplay across the US and is a particular favorite on Key West radio. Her rock ballad, “Blue Day” was discovered in the 2015 Woodshole Film Festival by John Stimpson and is in his Lifetime movie, The Wrong Car. Adrienne also was featured in Ralph De Palma’s book, The Soul of Key West Volume 2, a definitive anthology of the best musicians in Key West. Adrienne tours steadily in the Florida Keys both solo and with her band and also tours in the mid western states into Canada during the summers.

The Moondogs are a classic rock cover band that has been rocking the Middle and Lower Keys since 2003.

Steve Venini grew up and started my career playing shows and clubs in the Northwest. Came to the Florida Keys in 1980 and other than some traveling gigs in Europe I have made this my home.
The band we have together now is the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Chris Lute is the finest guitar player I know, Dave Bowman is a talented and solid bass man, and Jeremy Whitman has an intuitive and tasty style that holds us all together.

The Cultivation Reggae Band Cultivation Reggae…cultivating good vibes and reggae music throughout the Keys. Formed by Lead Guitarist/Vocalist Ryan Raber and Drummer, Marty Quezada, both longtime veterans of the Upper Keys music scene; having added Scottie Lake on Bass Guitar who toured with Jamaican artist Earl Zero in the 80’s and Lead Singer/Percussionist Mel Serrano, bringing her “Pana-Rican” roots to the band’s unique sound.

Fiddle Rock – Rockin’ the Keys with our unique sound and energy that will get you on your feet!

Keys Community Concert Band performs free POPS-in-the-PARK outdoor concerts once a month from November through April. Band members include all sorts of musicians… young and old, professional and amateur… who each share a love of music. Band Geeks Rule!! Uniquely themed concerts feature local talented groups (like the Northernmost Ukulele Society and the Swamp Bluegrass Band), audience sing-alongs with rhythm instruments provided and fun activities like the Pet Parade in February. For more information or to join the band (no auditions required), please call 305-394-1123 or visit Like us on FaceBook!

Jenny Newman and Mike Mitzer share their common love of music as a source of joy and healing. Mike is a vocalist and lead guitar player for the harmonic bluegrass/country phenom Koty James and the Keybillies, Jenny plays bass guitar with various local acts, including the funk and groove rockin’ Lady A Blues Band featuring master guitarist Ric “Bluesfuze” Arra. You can catch the Mike & Jenny duo Wednesday nights at Sharkeys Pub & Galley in Key Largo, FL.

Ty Thurman began playing guitar at age 7, learning his first chords from his grandpa, a popular Oklahoma musician and fiddler. Ty went on to develop as a lead guitarist and singer, performing with a variety of acts around the St. Louis area, and later, the Connecticut Shoreline. His interest in songwriting began with “the Action,” a high energy rock band that performed all original material. Ty’s full commitment to the Trop Rock / Island Americana genre, and it of course includes songs about the typical subjects of partying and drinking in places like Key West.

Joe Rickard Aka “Joemama”, Singer/songwriter. For over 50 Years Joe has Presented His Compelling Style Of Vocals,guitar, Banjo, And Fiddle, Americana Genre Up And Down The Eastern Seaboard, The Southwest, Plus Canada And The Caribbean. More Recently In The Florida Keys.

He Has Produced Several Cd’s One Of Which Was With Cmg Records, Nashville, Plus An Album With “Americans Children” For Warner Brothers Records.
He Will Be Performing Three Of His Originals Including “Love This Country.”

Four Sheets to the Wind is a unique band that offers three-part harmony, a dobro, a big homemade base,harmonica, and a set list that goes from Hank Williams to Allman Brothers, Temptations to Zack Brown. They play most venues in and around Marathon from December to April and have developed a really nice following over the last few years. The band consists of Dan and Penny Newhall from the Shenandoah valley Virginia on harmonica and base and vocals, Tony Palmer from Rhode Island and Big Pine Key on Dobro, lead guitar, and occasion pedal steel guitar and saxophone, and Donnie McDaniel from Indiana on lead vocals and rhythm guitar.

Michael J, born in Deland, Fla, is an accomplished musician. After touring the southeast Michael landed in the keys in 1985.Playing the guitar and bass pedals Michael performs Island, Country, Blues. Rock and Jazz. Always eager to please request lines are always open.

Usual Suspects with Allan Truesdell are the core house band for what has become the famous Tuesday Night Jam at the OV (Ocean View) in Islamorada. The Usual Suspects was originally the term to describe who would be showing up to perform. Over the past four years though it’s come to be the name of this incredibly talented and extremely diverse group of musicians who have been fortunate enough to not only do their own thing, but also backup a variety of great entertainers, including the world famous Taj Mahal. You will be treated a multi genre performance.

Marc Davis is a professional Musician, Singer, Songwriter. He’s performed in a myriad of venues all over the US during a musical career that began in 1969. Since moving to the Florida Keys in 2001 Marc has been invited to be a part of several popular bands. He’s also performed a solo act. Marc has written, produced and recorded five CDs of original music.
His set in this festival will be mostly original songs. CDs may be purchased during the event. A former teacher, Marc’s tenure in the
Keys includes Band Director, Marathon High School. He was the Music Teacher and a part of the original staff that got the Big Pine Charter School up and running. This festival is one of Marc’s many appearances in Marathon.

Lady A with her strong, earthy blues vocal style and harmonica playing has carved a place all over Florida in the 80’s 90’s and now has returned to her beloved keys ready for action
The band is available as a duo, trio, quartet and for full blues experience a 5 piece full band
Reviews:”Lady “A” was host to a top radio show in the Florida Keys, which helped her fellow musicians by giving them exposure there. She has also done vocals and voice overs for radio and TV shows.
She has shared the billing or has supported the following: Bonnie Raitt, Rick James,War, Pine Top Perkins, Coco Montoya and George Thorogood just to name a few.

Shana Gaskill will perform for your event in the Florida Keys area. Her repertoire includes classical chamber music as well as contemporary pop music.

Maasai – Born on “the other island” Harlem NY, Abdul Mateen is the founder of the reggae band Maasai. A few lp recordings are..Turn I Up..Racism..Psalm of David..Babylon X No Mystery..which was nominated for 2 Grammies..and Choose Life. Living in the keys he formulated Maasai Acoustic Session and Maasai ‘n Jah Reggae Connection band. During his time here he was fortunate to meet great musicians and friends Walter Yarbourough guitar vocals, Fenton Hugh bass vocals, Luke Ptomey/Lee Ventures/Richie drums and Sheeva!…The Tamborine Lady! Keeping the Root Rock Reggae alive with Maasai Originals “for we are Jah Branches” and the classics of the Wailers Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Jimmy Cliff and so many others as a “Tribute to Jah Roots”. Eye to Eye..Heart to Heart..Soul to Soul…Raw Organic 100% all natural…
no robots..they don’t listen anyway..Give Thanks To The Most High…Harmony… Balance……